Accomplish your goals with thoughtful, personalized, and timely emails written by a real person

Hi, my name is Clay (certified real person) and I would love to see you succeed.

Here's the thing, it's easy to make goals, but it's really hard to be disciplined and follow through with all of the steps required to accomplish them.

That's where I would like to help.

You tell me what you're trying to accomplish, how it's going and I will keep an eye on the progress towards your goal. Ask for help, share little wins, vent about your frustrations, or anything else that helps you succeed.

You email me, I email you. Simple.

I'm ready to start. Tell me how.

“But I don't even know you. How will this help?”

So, you're right. I don't know you, you don't know me, at least not personally, but we have a lot in common.

I'm actually a lot like you, I've been excited about a new idea, some new thing I was going to build, a new skill I was going to learn, a new adventure. Just like you, I've made some plans, bought a domain name, sketched out wireframes, bought a book or two.

And just like you, that exciting idea, the thing that kept me up at night, the thing I just could not stop thinking about became... actual work.

Just like you, I've experienced what it's like to slowly (quickly sometimes) lose interest in that amazing idea. I know exactly what it's like to start with vigor and discipline only to have work, family, friends, money, netflix, and life get in the way.

I know what it's like to lack discipline and accountability.

I also know what helps.

Having someone that is expecting to hear from me. Someone that will take a few minutes to ask a thoughtful question. Someone that offers just enough pressure to help me keep the commitment I've made to myself.

If you're on the fence, consider this:

By sharing your goal, you'll have to think about what you're trying to accomplish and when you'd like to have it done. Even if your message goes into a black hole and I never look at it, at least you defined your goal, a timeline and you told someone else about it.

It's a lot easier to give up on the next big thing when it was nothing more than a thought you had in the shower. How many of your goals have failed in silence, known only to you, as if they never existed?

I'll give it a try. Let's go.

“How does this work in practice?”

The process is pretty simple, there are some things you need to do and some things I need to do.

You need to do the following, in this order:

  1. Define your goal. What specific thing are you trying to accomplish? Bonus: Make it SMART.
  2. Determine a timeline. When would you like to be done?
  3. Send me an email using the form below.

Once you do those things, it's my turn.

Next, I will:

  1. Respond and let you know I got your email.
  2. Ask any clarifying questions and suggest a check-in schedule.
  3. Set a reminder to see how things are going.

After that, we correspond according to the check-in schedule and otherwise as needed.

We stop when:

  • You let me know you've completed your goal. Yay!
  • You let me know you've abanonded your goal. We'll get em' next time!
  • You let me know you're tired of emailing me. No worries!
  • You ignore me. Hello? This thing on?

Totally get it now! I want in.

“I feel like an example would help”

Good idea. Let's explore what it's like to participate.

For the sake of this example, let's pretend that you're trying to learn how to build a website using Wordpress. Imagine you've had a long relaxing weekend and Monday is just around the corner. You're excited to get started and contact me before calling it a day on Sunday night.

  1. You've defined your goal: learn to build a website with Wordpress.
  2. You've set a timeline: launch my new website in two months.
  3. You've sent me an email.

Sometime the next day I respond with an introduction and a question or two. I also suggest spending 30 minutes each day for the next week working towards your goal.

I'll ask that you send me an email each day after those 30 minutes telling me what you did and how it went.

The week might look something like this:

You email me about making a list of to-do items.
You email me asking for a recomendation for a book.
You email me with an update on learning about web hosting.
Later Wednesday
I reply to you with a question about your to-do list and a book suggestion.
You get busy with work and don't have time for your 30 minutes.
You email me with a revised to-do list and plans for the weekend.
I reply to you with some thoughts on your progress so far.

After that first week, it's up to you. You email me as much as you'd like and I'll reply once every few days or so. If you stop emailing me, I'll check in with you to see how things are going.

That was helpful. I'm ready now.

“I totally need this in my life”

To get started tell me your name, email address and a little bit about the goal you're trying to accomplish. I'll reply as soon as I can.

Just so I know what you'd like to be called.
I'll never share this with anyone else.
For example: "I want to learn to speak Italian before my trip in 6 months." or "I am trying to make a habit of going to the gym three days a week." or "I'd like to build my own website before the end of the year." Bonus: Make it SMART